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#3 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2017

Crumbs lets you turn your spare change into a portfolio of crypto assets. We make investing in crypto assets a mindless and automated process.

1. Link a debit or credit card

2. Select a strategy or create your own

3. Mindlessly grow a impressive and diverse crypto portfolio


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  • Pros: 

    Good idea


    Many questions.

    A couple of question.

    Whats the fees?

    why do one need bank when mostly we pay by credit cards. Why bank needs to be connected but not credit card. Is there any video all how this process work.

    How can one invest other crypto XRP NEM etc.

    MS Conair has never used this product.


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Matteo GambaHiring@sliver86 · Product & UX @Wayfair
@patrick_mrozowski how much of the invested sums is eaten up by fees? Especially if you go through Coinbase... don't they have a minimum fee?
Patrick MrozowskiMakerHiring@patrick_mrozowski · Founder, Crumbs
@sliver86 Our fee structure is 1% of transaction amount + $0.15 for deposits and 1% of transaction amount + $0.25 for withdraws.
Spike Spieg@spike_spieg
@sliver86 @patrick_mrozowski Do I need to open an account on GDAX? Tried the app and don't really get it.
Patrick MrozowskiMakerHiring@patrick_mrozowski · Founder, Crumbs
@spike_spieg You do not need an account with any existing exchange in-order to use the Crumbs app.
Spike Spieg@spike_spieg
@patrick_mrozowski Thanks for the reply. So you process the payment and hold our cryptocurrency, not GDAX. Right?
Patrick MrozowskiMakerHiring@patrick_mrozowski · Founder, Crumbs
@spike_spieg Users crypto-assets are stored offline in multi-sig cold storage wallets.
Damien Tsnkff@tsnkff · Front-End. Sometimes I design
Damn .. I love this one, and for a reason: I started working on the exact same thing a few days ago!
amine bens@aminbenselim
any plans for an android version ?
Patrick MrozowskiMakerHiring@patrick_mrozowski · Founder, Crumbs
@aminbenselim hoping for early next year!
Dailen@dailen · IT Pros of GA
@aminbenselim @patrick_mrozowski I think at the very least a web version would be nice, I don't own any Apple products but have been looking for a product like this for a while
Honey Raj Varma@raj_ventures · Raj Ventures, R&Ds
@patrick_mrozowski Great idea, similar to acorn and micro-investments apps but for cryptos - I can see this app becoming Unicorn HUGE if the following things are done fast. Would love to talk to you more about it :) See few ideas below: 1) Offer free or minimal trade fees (like how Robinhood captured the market by offering free stock trades) 2) Add both a manual, automatic and AI (eventually) trigger functionality so that those who have buy and sell criteria can decide investment strategy and execution. 3) Ability to buy or sell instantly (coinbase's instant, no waiting couple hours - unless the crypto servers themselves fail) and lots more. Would love to talk about this more!
Patrick MrozowskiMakerHiring@patrick_mrozowski · Founder, Crumbs
@raj_ventures Hey! We are currently working on #2 in the next month Crumbs will offer users to ability to select how much of which crypto's they want to invest in. We are also adding some new cryptos to our platform like Ripple, Stellar, and a few others! Feel free to email me if you want to further discuss
Josef Moser@josef_moser · Founder of @corahealth & @cryptoradarco
TLDR Crumbs pays for all fees, at a 1.99$/month subscription. If you pay out your Bitcoin only once a year, the network fee Crumbs pays is higher than the annual subscription income. What‘s more, funds are stored in Crumb‘s GDAX account. Who guarantees me that Crumbs does not walk away with my Bitcoin if the business goes bust? Sorry, but this looks a bit sketchy.
Patrick MrozowskiMakerHiring@patrick_mrozowski · Founder, Crumbs
@josef_moser Hi all of Crumbs balances will be routinely audited when we re-launch to ensure all balances are in good standing. We take user security and privacy very seriously which is why all funds are stored in multi-sig cold storage wallets.