Micro investing for crypto

Crumbs automatically puts your sparechange into cryptocurrencies! Just select a investment strategy, link a funding account, and lets Crumbs get to work for you!

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Hey there! How are you handling personal security for your customer's crypto balances?
@nickabouzeid Hi! All coins purchased are stored in cold storage and are only made available when a user wants to withdraw their balance.
This is an intriguing idea. I just downloaded and love the simple UI. Considering this is crypto and all, I was wondering about security. I see that you are using Coinbase but don't require a Coinbase login. Does this mean you are holding the crypto before a user cashes out? If so do you have money transmitter licenses in every state?
@patrick_mrozowski hey Patrick, how does one change their monthly pull and whether it pulls from checkings or savings? Would be nice to see current enabled features - unless I’ve missed it.
You need to add a description on how it works and also a comment explaining it to the PH community.
@paramaggarwal Done! Thanks for the feedback :)
Hi everyone! We appreciate all the support but we weren't expecting this many users. This is just a public beta and a newer and more updated version is in the works. To avoid potential issues we capped off the amount of users to just the current downloads. We are expecting to "re-launch" with a awesome newer version very soon! :) for updates check our twitter: @crumpsapp_
Hey guys heads up this is just in public beta stage for now we will release a new updated version next week! Email with any suggestions or feed back