Turn text messages into awesome video. Now in app form!

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I can't wait for an open Crumbles api. Need legit Slack plugin stat.
@jonatisokon Slack integration = genius
this is awesome! how did you guys pull this off technically? is there an API you're using that has video subtitle data?
@thatguybg Hey Brett – we manually cut the videos and matched them to words and phrases. We're using a trie data structure that then matches phrases to videos that are stored on S3 and cached using cloudflare.
@samejr got it - that must be why there are only a handful of clips available. I would love to see this done programmatically - let me know if you guys ever go down this route.
@thatguybg It's definitely one of the keys to scaling this type of app. We'll keep you posted.
Hi everyone – I’m pleased to announce the launch of Crumbles, the app that turns your text messages into cool video mashups. If you’re curious, please download and have a play and i’ll be happy to answer any questions.
Crumbles is fun as a website, but the app version is even more useful (read: distracting)
Really loved this when it came out, will definitely try the app :)