Online cruise booking re-imagined

Thanks to @BrianCurliss for hunting us! We just launched on Friday! Psyched to make Product Hunt. Online cruise booking needed a good kick in the pants and some solid updating. That's precisely why we launched Online cruise booking sites have not changed much since they first appeared in 90s. Complex UI/UX is why only 10% of people book online. We thought that if you could travel all over the world and visit thousands of amazing places, you should be able to visualize and book on an interactive map. We eliminated most of the cumbersome drop down menus and added big, bold images of ports, destinations and ships. There are over 25 new cruise ships ordered and on the way. These ships are built for the millennial generation. We wanted to introduce a site that was easier and much more fun to use. I'll be here all day answering any questions. Would love to hear your feedback! Cheers!
@stephenchip Beautiful layout and design. It's very hard to make something like this look simple, great job!
@greggfidan Thank you Gregg! There certainly were plenty of iterations.
@bentossel you might change your mind when you see some of the newer ships that have launched - e.g. skydiving, surf riding pools, much improved nightlife:) Also, Virgin Cruises is launching in a few years and will no doubt have some cool innovations on the product.
I think this is great. I've been on a few cruises and remember the terrible booking experiences I have had. I was just playing around with it for a little bit and tried to book a trip, but it took me to a page where I had to email someone to book my trip. Is this an edge case I ran into? If so, is this something you can solve in the long term?
@nemrow This is our first release. Try to book an Norwegian cruise and you will see how the deck plans work. Other ships are forthcoming.
Having been deep in the cruise world for the past few years, I think any improvement to the current painful process of discovery and booking is fantastic. It should help convince more people to try a cruise, which is great. @stephenchip nice job on v1 and congrats on launching! I like the visual and 'map-based' focus of Its a nice change from most other products out there. Booking flow is also improved, especially cabin selection. I do think the product could be better with more content on the ships (e.g. reviews, photos). Overall good work!
@farazq Thanks Faraz! Yes, we have some work to do. We have a pretty extensive roadmap to get to.
I've always avoided the notion of taking a cruise for two reasons: 1) they are expensive and 2) they are so hard to book or even find any information other than going directly to every cruise line's website individually. I really like that you guys took an aggregation/learning/discovery/filtering approach to this. Took me 5 minutes to find 3 or 4 cruises I wouldn't mind taking with the wife this year. So much easier to figure this stuff out now.