Free landing page templates for startups

#3 Product of the MonthOctober 2018

Cruip is a gallery of free HTML landing pages for your next big project.

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Hey Everyone 👋, Thank you for hunting us! Honestly, we weren't prepared for the show so early (we've launched yesterday), but that's the game, so we're very excited to be here today! Backstory Everything has started with some free templates hosted on Gumroad at the beginning of September! Within a few weeks, we've been able to generate thousands of downloads per week, and we've got an impressive support from the startup community, so we've decided to turn it into a project :) Why we're building it? We’ve found that there is a pretty common path with makers and early-stage startups: They often build excellent products, but they don’t have a budget or proper skills to set up a well-designed landing page! It can be a huge handicap if you’re just starting out, so this is our attempt to solve that matter. What next? We’ll keep adding 1-2 new templates per month on, and our aim is to turn this venture into a huge gallery of free HTML landing pages for startups. Thank you all for the support, and please feel free to share your comments and feedback.
@davidepacilio dude! This looks great!!! So proud of you!
@davidepacilio I really liked Cruip but I didn't know this will become #1 product of the day when I hunted it. Awesome and best of luck guys !!!
Hi guys, this looks awesome! Templates are so clean, simple and very aesthetic. However, how would a non-technical person take these templates and turn them into a live site?

The styles are all very similar but they are indeed beautifully designed.


Sleek, trendy


Sleek, trendy

Amazing work! Any plans to turn these into Webflow templates?

Hi Cruip team,

I like the idea, but I don't really understand your target users. I am a mobile developer, I don't have any web(node.js, webpack, browsersync.) skills. So I have downloaded it zip archive, installed it on my local machine and that's it.

How do you think I need to install this for public access? Should I hire a web developer to set it up?

Or you hope that people will contact and pay you? :(


Nice designs


Difficult to setup, even for developer

Hi Armen, thank you for your feedback. I've just sent you a private message!
Funny thing is I randomly downloaded one of their landing pages a couple of days ago and was thinking the same thing. If you don't mind me asking: what did you end up doing?