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No chance with such pricing. Competition is tough on that field.
@zeki_dikmen didn't and doesn't impede Slack...
@jmedwards @zeki_dikmen Thanks for taking a look at our website! By no means are we trying to replace Slack within teams. We understand Slack works great for some business and teams but not so well for others. Some businesses do not want to deal with integrations, development and managing multiple accounts with added costs. So thats why we made Crugo. A platform that has chat, similar to “Slack in some ways yes, and all the other chat applications out there”, but also much more file storage, task lists, calendars and RSS feeds within a single platform which is far more than Slack offers.
Hey Again! Since our last hunt, Crugo has had a complete overhaul with a sleeker user interface and more built in functionality positioning it even more towards the “out of the box” solution for businesses. Crugo brings, real time communication, file sharing, tasks, calendars, RSS news feeds and notes together into a single cross platform network which was made specifically for teams and businesses. You can think of Crugo a little bit like your own internal network or “intranet” but without all the development, maintenance, set up costs and accessible from everywhere. Meaning that we focus on the development and maintenance of the network, allowing your team to focus on your own business and not worry about integrations and the plethora of platforms and accounts you would usually have to manage. We believe Crugo is the prefect platform for teams that just want to get on with their work and have a platform that supports their daily requirements in one place, with one account. The Crugo network is 100% UK built and based. We also own and host our server hardware here in the UK making it a great option for UK business that need to comply with UK data protection. We have a free 14 day trial “with no card details needed”. Please check it out and ask any questions. We also have a lifetime 50% promo code available for the Product Hunt Community: PHUNT50
At first glance, I'm out (features, price). I like the design, and I see the value but you're a little late to this party, had you been before Slack, you'd be hailed as "genius", but someone else already solved these hard problems which makes it easy to slap better UI on and add a couple feature or something. If you want to compete with Slack, don't try to be them, find your own value proposition that is different, something they missed or something in the disruption vacuum they accidentally created. You claim to not be competing with Slack and you're right, this could never compete with Slack, they've corned the market, and I can't see myself using this and Slack. Keep iterating, stay focused and listen to what your users want, through this, you will find your value proposition that is true to your company. - All the best.