Dating game with head-to-head competition by Match

Crown is the new dating game in your pocket! Everyday, cute singles vie for your attention in head-to-head competition.

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What aspect of this app makes it stand out the most from other dating apps?
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline, Thanks for your interest in Crown. 🤗 I am the Director of Product for the Crown team. We are so excited to share what we have been working on with Product Hunt! To answer your question: By showing two profiles at a time and asking a user to choose between the two, we actually believe we will be more successful in getting people to match with someone they would want to date. Why? Well, when someone is looking at just one profile at a time, they are comparing the person to their ideal match. So most people don't stand a chance! But by showing two people at a time, the user is only comparing the two users against each other. The decision is easier. Also, because a user has to pick between two people, they have to find reasons to say yes. It changes the way people view profiles on dating apps
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I would use this on android any time table on that coming out?
@ejameswill I'm on the team working on Crown. Thanks for your question. Android is definitely on the roadmap but we don't have a date yet! Please stay tuned!

crashed on me...


limited time investment...instead of swiping all day


bit buggy still