Launch your own advanced crowdfunding page

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Thanks for the shoutout, Ryan :) In a nutshell, we believe that CrowdtiltOpen will do for crowdfunding what WordPress did for blogging!
Yesterday Crowdtilt launched their white-label platform for businesses/people to create and run their own crowdfunding campaigns. This could be a great solution for those seeking to validate demand for the product or idea without relying on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
Also, check out @Justin_Wilcox's entertaining presentation on this technique from last year's Lean Startup Conference:
@scottvelicer - I like that positioning. :) We're seeing aspects of this model applied to many verticals and businesses (e.g. Teespring and even betaworks' Alphaworks to an extent).
Thanks much for the plug, @rrhoover! Happy to help out in any way with a potential CrowdtiltOpen campaign. Would even love to handhold as much as possible to create a beautiful page like Beep ( Feel free to shoot me an email: ajay[at]crowdtilt :)