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I have used this tool extensively and can tell you its very very useful. And yes, pricing is high, as you would expect for such a tool.
@mattnavarra do you pay per seat? at what size company do you think it would become justifiable? should a startup that has raised $300k look into using it?
@_jacksmith You pay for company wide access if i recall correctly. Its a powerful too, but if you are tight on budget or have other priorities, this may not be worth the investment at an early stage IMO.
@mattnavarra Yeah, I think Matt's right...the current pricing isn't for every start-up. But that being said, we also try and be flexible for new companies just getting started and regularly offer start-up discounts, especially given we know what it's like.
One of my pet hates "Request A Demo" 😫
@bentossell yep. I can only assume that's because it's expensive :) their customers from their homepage are pretty large companies, so I'm guessing they try and sell a lot of seats or something. For these enterprise type products it probably doesn't make sense to list the pricing on their website, but I agree that it's v. frustrating.
@_jacksmith @bentossell It might also be because they are in beta. It seems like they started this company in 2011 so they probably pivoted at least once since then.
@_jacksmith yeah when I used to work at sprinklr it was same situation... meaning that it was unaffordable for most. Would love to see smaller teams replicate these tools. Cut the fat and offer the 20% that provides 80% of the value... and for much cheaper obviously.
@_jacksmith @bentossell Hi all...happy to share some details on pricing. It starts at $500/month for company-wide access (or $250/month for nonprofits). We're also working hard on building cheaper versions as well. For instance, something we haven't publicly launched yet but was built with that exactly in mind is this:
@bentossell And Ben...we're also working hard on a more scaled down, self-serve version too. Really important to us to try and make it available to a wider set of folks (especially in the nonprofit and activist world where I spent most of life).
The secret tool that upworthy, buzzfeed, and everyone else is using to win facebook:
@_jacksmith Wow this tool looks amazing
I'm a huge champion of the product for it's effectiveness and ease of use. I can't stress enough how useful the tool has been to my day-to-day. It's a fantastic tool for monitoring competitors, brands, and accounts you wouldn't necessarily have access to. Plus, it's Slack friendly. Brandon is an all-star when it comes to product demo's and has been super helpful throughout the past year. Hands down one of the best tools out there (and I've worked with my fair share).
When I left Upworthy and joined mitú networks, one of the first vendors I called up was CrowdTangle. It's been an indispensable tool for me that I use several times a day. We use it for content discovery, for understanding where our content is shared, understanding our own internal performance, and benchmarking against competitors, and generally keeping a finger on the pulse of social media. Compared to other enterprise tools, the $500/month has been well worth it for us. If you're a media company, IMHO CrowdTangle is a must have tool for the tool belt. And to top it all off, Brandon and team are just A+ people to boot.