The Tweet Wall that makes your event famous

Your event deserves to be famous.
With CrowdStar, engage your audience by displaying the last tweets about your awesome event!
Customize your wall with your design and reward your Tweeters with gifts to encourage them!
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Hi, Hunters! CrowdStar is here. CrowdStar is the easiest and most effective way to gain popularity for your event through Social Media. With CrowdStar, setup a Tweet wall for your awesome events in seconds! Why use CrowdStar? - Setup a Tweet wall in less than 30 seconds - Show your audience the lasts Tweets about your event, encouraging them to tweet about it and gain popularity - Offer gifts randomly to your Tweeters at the frequency of your choice - See your wall on every devices - Up to 6h and 500 tweets for free wall I'm here to answer to all of your questions, feel free to contact me!
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