Crowdsourced Snoop Tee!

Dropped a tee on Crowdtilt 2 celebrate politics n tech

I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by linking up with my friends at Crowdtilt to drop a tee shirt on the fly. It may not be the usual PH type of thing but its how Im adapting new tech to the Snoop brand. Ya Digg!
@snoopdogg Snoop, when will we see Tha Dogg Fund, a seed stage fund for investing in weed startups?? It seems inevitable.
Meanwhile we'll spin up Weed Hunt, featuring cannabis-friendly hunts like Canary and The Happy Crate.
@rrhoover We're trying to make CannaNews the HackerNews of cannabis. I haven't had a lot of time to put into growing the community lately, but check it out:
@rrhoover I would be very into this.
Snoop's on PH
@dshan you want in?
@snoopdogg most definitely worth a try. It may be 1-2 years early but strike while the iron's hot, right?
@snoopdogg Definitely. Timing is perfect, and I think literally any weed startup would let you in a round for the brand appeal. :)
@snoopdogg If you don't sell more than 500 of these t-shirts by end of day, something is wrong with America.
@hemal A comment I wish I could Like or Upvote.
@dshan I'm building comment upvoting right now