CrowdRiff API

An API-powered Instagram-based trip planner

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Hi everyone! This is my first hunt! I'm part of Team CrowdRiff, and we launched our API today. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for checking us out!
@amritachandra Love what Hello BC have done with the API! It's about time destinations consciously started using Instagram to help travelers plan their trips. People have been doing it through the maps and geolocation tags on Insta anyway. It's good that BC claimed this back by putting it on their own site.
Looks great and smart product. It took me a while to figure out what it was though, and I couldn't find anything about the API, only plugins. It might be clearer for the target audience. Is the insta flows curated by you (or myself) or how is it selected? I've allso wondered about what happends legally if I publish instagram images that shows people or products I don't have rights to show. Who would be to blame? Me, you or the insta photographer?
@mikaellowgren Hi Mikael, thanks for commenting. The Insta pics are curated by our customer, in this case it was Destination BC who found photos using CrowdRiff. CrowdRiff also has an advanced rights management system so you can acquire rights to photos directly from the Insta photographer.
@amritachandra so the images doesn't need to be about traveling only then if it's curated by the customer?
@mikaellowgren The images can be of anything. While we work mostly with destination brands, the product can be used by any brand that generates organic user-generated content, and focuses on marketing experiences.