The new model for benefit concerts and special events.

CrowdMob helps fundraisers, promoters, artists, and venues determine the market value for their event before a single ticket is sold. This means more money goes to their cause and not to ticket scalpers and the secondary market.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @raffibag, Can you tell us more about what you've built here and some of it's most helpful points?
Raffi Bagdasarian
Raffi BagdasarianMaker@raffibag · Co-Founder, CrowdMob
@jacqvon of course! CrowdMob is a full-service event ticketing platform (w/mobile check-in app) through which event promoters can sell tickets via an online auction. The auction takes place on an event page, which runs for a specified period of time - the Event Campaign. When the auction has run its course, tickets are then issued and delivered electronically for the winning bids. The question from which the service was conceived is simple: if James Taylor were to play the Troubadour, what would tickets sell for? In other words, how would one price primary market tickets for such a rare, intimate performance? Demand-based pricing is one way to price tickets so as to mitigate loss of primary market ticket revenue to the secondary market and scalpers - but demand-based pricing invariably relies on steady historic data (which makes it great for pricing sports events). Though there's more at work behind the scenes, our service uses a kind of dynamic demand-based pricing alongside an online auction to pinpoint market demand before a single ticket is sold. To be sure, CrowdMob is not suited for every event - but is ideal for: 1. High profile, rare events where the goal is to maximize primary market ticket revenue (e.g., benefit concerts and fundraisers); 2. As a complementary service to traditionally ticketed events (e.g., post-event VIP experiences, tour kick-off concerts, etc.); 3. Testing the waters for a regional tour; and 4. Replacing pay-to-play engagements: an artist plays a venue if the minimum reserve amount is met (as opposed to being forced to pay for and sell tickets in advance). We're excited to host our first events on the platform in the coming weeks - once we do, there'll be much more to explore. But of course, feedback is always welcome! Thanks, PH!