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How to run a successful PR campaign for your crowdfunding p…

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$499 dollars seems a bit steep. What kind of value do you provide? Didn't see much explanation on the homepage.
@joshdance Hi Joshua, You get: 1. An hour of consulting time with a PR pro who works on crowdfunding campaigns on a weekly basis. They can help you craft your pitch and develop a good outreach strategy. 2. A custom media list of reporters to send your pitch to. We've heard about too many people who spam thousands of reporters and end up with nothing. We provide you with a list of reporters who (as determined by our machine learning algorithms) are the most likely to write about your campaign. This way you can spend the time necessary to craft custom emails. 3. A story builder that helps you craft your story by letting you see your project through the lens of a reporter. 4. A full-blown CRM to send and track your outreach. Through the CRM you're also able to send through your own email account, so you can avoid the dreaded promotions tab. All told, the toolkit probably saves you 40-60 hours and increases your chances of getting good press coverage. I think it's a steal at $499.
@joelandren @joshdance Everybody's trying to cash in on crowdfunding at the moment... Can you give some examples of projects that you've worked with, and specific publications they've been featured in after using your services?
@rossdcurrie @joshdance Hi Ross, We have linked to projects on the home page. Our customers have secured coverage in Washington Post, Daily Mail, TechCrunch, Forbes, VentureBeat, Cnet, Gizmodo and more. And this is something we've been doing since we launched in February 2014.
Hi Everyone, We developed this product because we had a lot of people coming to us after their crowdfunding campaign had been underway and they had no luck with the press. It seemed to us that a little bit of advice and the right tools could go a long way to solving the problems we were seeing. Hence the Crowdfunding PR toolkit. This is for people who want to handle press on their own, but are also busy working on on their aspects of their project and feel that they need some guidance. PR is only one part of the funder acquisition process and we wanted to make sure access to good PR help was affordable. Thanks, Joel
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