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Due diligence reports for equity crowdfunding

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Jake Fisher
Jake FisherMaker@venturejakef · PitchDeck Consultant, Venture Formations
At Crowdfund Research we help startup investors research equity crowdfunding campaigns through independent due diligence reports. With one goal in mind, we created this site to give everyday people who are looking to invest in startups an outside opinion and the ability to read between the lines. We have brought together venture capitalists, angel investors and industry experts to provide their opinions on active Reg CF deals. This started as a fun side project for a handful of us and we intend to keep these reports free for everyone.
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@venturejakef this is an excellent idea! how will you create awareness in the actual fundraising sites such that your reports are seen before the close dates on their campaigns?
Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre@jamie_mci · Founder, Rewire Capital
I glanced through a few reports and there is some solid information well laid out. Thank you for your contributions! Do you see the reports being fluid or remain static. For instance, the Expert Opinion on "Dollar Shots Club" seems spot on... and damning. Does the company have the opportunity to appeal? Discuss? Pivot?
Jake Fisher
Jake FisherMaker@venturejakef · PitchDeck Consultant, Venture Formations
@jamie_mci Great question Jamie. I would love these to be fluid, but SEC regulations on Reg CF crowdfunding limits discussion with the company outside of the portal. These companies are essentially prevented from talking about the details of the offering to the media or outside sources. We are putting these together only with public data and without founder interviews unfortunately. I made sure with the format that we came up with differentiates the sections that are facts gathered from public sources and our opinions. I have already received feedback on reports and I certainly will update any incorrect information.
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · I help startups at
Hey I'd love to partner up with you guys somehow. This is an awesome compliment to my site
Jake Fisher
Jake FisherMaker@venturejakef · PitchDeck Consultant, Venture Formations
@itsthisjustin Hi Justin, I would be happy to discuss, send me an email
Brandon Sullivan
Brandon Sullivan@btsullivan91 · CEO GymFly Fitness, Inc.
Great idea. My startup GymFly is about to launch a crowd funding campaign. Do you have any plans, or know of anyone, who does research in the other direction? SEC regulations require only accredited investors under certain exemptions, which leaves work to the startup to verify that.