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Ruben Meseguer
Ruben MeseguerMaker@meseguer1998 · Developer on CrowdForge :)
Hey everyone! CrowdForge is a social network where people with software projects can post their projects and find collaborators to join them! From videogames to frameworks, both closed-source and open-source, we have a lot of diversity in the projects people have posted so far :) So if you're working on a website and want a Designer to help you or maybe you're doing an app an need another developer, CrowdForge is there to help you. Just post your project to find awesome collabs! It's free and will remain free forever :) If you want to collaborate on one project, we allow you to follow Programming languages so we can adapt the feed to you! We have a chat for the first messages with the other members and planning to add more features soon! :) PS: If you're too busy to write out a post for your project, you can import the info from the GitHub repo :)
Csaba Kissi
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@meseguer1998 this is something I was looking for for a long long long time 👍
Ruben Meseguer
Ruben MeseguerMaker@meseguer1998 · Developer on CrowdForge :)
@csaba_kissi Thanks! We hope you like it and maybe join/post a project! :) Any feedback/questions is welcome
Ondřej David
Ondřej David@onekiwtf
There has been so many of these, most notable to me was Assembly, that has closed their doors not long ago. Personally I'm rooting for online colab working to take off and be more estabilished way to work on project in the future. How do you make sure you don't fall into the same pitfall similar products have before? At the end of the day passion projects get abandoned very quickly.
Ruben Meseguer
Ruben MeseguerMaker@meseguer1998 · Developer on CrowdForge :)
@onekiwtf Yeah, there's been similar projects, and indeed, most of them have failed. The first step was getting discovery and posting right, thanks to users' feedback: we added GitHub import, adapt the feed based on the programming languages you like, a quick chat and a clean interface. A lot of people have liked it so far, posting a lot of projects, joining and commenting. So were glad with it :) Now we're working towards making CrowdForge the site where people interested in software collaboration goes, and stay. That's what most of other sites got wrong, they were a do-one-thing-and-leave. Forming the best online collaboration community, that's the final goal :)