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I did not expect this to be picked up here. We were planning to submit it once we’ve ironed out the bugs and stuff. But now that it’s been posted already, I would like to give some context to the product. We’re building a marketing sidekick for individual and small businesses who are trying to reach their target audience online. I know it’s hard because I’ve been there. I used to write a lot of blog posts everyday but no one read it. That’s when I built the first version of this product way back in 2010. Now in 2017, we have 15 Million users and we just pivoted the product to be a conversational bot that can help everyone. There are over 100 Million individual and small businesses in this world who need help with marketing their work. Crowdfire is for them. We have two major integrations: 1. Property Networks - These are where you establish your online presence. Wordpress, Etsy, Shopify, Soundcloud, Youtube etc. 2. Audience Networks - This is where your target audience exists. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc. Crowdfire's mission is to bring maximum traffic from all the audience networks to your online property. We’re launching the Crowdfire bot with 4 primary skills: 1. Curated Posts - The bot will suggest new posts to share by intelligently bringing the right content to you. It suggests articles to share on Facebook, Twitter as well as images to share on Instagram 2. Smart Posts - The bot will smartly suggest your previous content as well as new content that you’ve created on your wordpress blog or Etsy or Shopify store(more integrations coming soon) 3. Reports - We don’t want you spending your time checking up on stats on all the different audience networks. Everyday, the bot is going to share your stats with you 4. Twitter Marketing - There’s no bot or human today who knows Twitter marketing the way Crowdfire does (2010 to 2016 - we perfected Twitter marketing inside out) We’ve been building this from the last 12 months and beta testing it. We have about 20,000 daily active users who are using the bot and are seeing a good growth in traffic to their blogs, shops and online profiles. There’s a lot more work to be done here. The bot still does not understand any conversations but we want to bring that in once it’s perfected the skills we’re teaching it. We also have a much needed, super secret 5th skill that we intend to launch in the future. Your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticisms will help us build this right. We’re building it for the underdogs who’re passionate about what they do and they have a higher probability of succeeding if Crowdfire can help them market themselves better.
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@nischalshetty I've interacted with it early on and I loved it! Go big!
@nischalshetty fan from its early beta stage :) Go Big! :) Cheers
@nischalshetty Got little too excited with this update. Hunted it again even though it was already done. With instagram ending api support for crowdfire I thought it was a downhill from here but v9.0 does make a great comeback. Thanks.
@rahulkapoor90 thanks yo! Do send across your feedback about the new version. If you're on the older version then you can write in to hello at crowdfireapp to get in on it faster as we're still rolling out the update to old users.
I've been a fan & beta user of Crowdfire for quite some time now. I love how the product is laser focused on making social media marketing easy for you. These guys walk the talk. They really have perfected the Art of Social media marketing( 15 Million organic users is not bad, eh?) The brand new conversational bot, though still in a very early stage, is super simple to interact with. Looking forward to the new features!
A couple of questions: 1) Is support for Medium in the works? (That's where I/where blog) 2) I checked the "This is for my business/brand" in the setup guide, but I cannot seem to connect to my Facebook Page (only my personal Facebook account, and that's not going to help my brand :)
@gloom303 1) Yes, yes, yesssss! We're bringing in support for Medium in February. It's not just medium but any blog with an RSS would work since we're teaching Crowdfire how to read from RSS and create beautiful posts from that for you 2) When you click Add Facebook, it also asks you to provide permission for your pages. Can you try clicking Add Facebook again? In a future release we're going to separate these out but for now it's the same button
Hey, I absolutely love Crowdfire! The new Shopify Smart Posts seems like a great addition but I can't get it to work? I've connected my store with it, but I can't find any options to add blog posts.
@madebytushar I hope this issue is solved for you. If not do reach out to us at hello @
The all-new Crowdfire is here!