Webinars & live streams that don't suck.

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SaiMaker@saidurh · CEO Crowdcast
After months of work, we’re very excited to share Crowdcast Pro with the community! We got fed up with crappy webinar software. Instead of building another webinar product, we asked ourselves how can we build an interactive virtual room for the modern internet. Our vision is to make gathering online dead simple – whether it is for teaching, training, sales, livestreams, etc. We would love your feedback, please join us for a LIVE Q&A @ Thank you to one of our favorite users, @pjrvs, for hunting us! :)
This is an amazing product. I'm a customer and investor. Crowdcast scaled to 18,000 simultaneous viewers for an event I held.
SaiMaker@saidurh · CEO Crowdcast
Thanks @ed_roman! Ed ended up hosting the world's largest virtual conference on Crowdcast:
Jordan SUCCAR@jordansuccar · Co-founder & CEO @ Sponseasy - Clapp
The first version was already so powerful, this new version looks incredible! Can't imagine using an other tool for our Webinars. Thank you guys!
SaiMaker@saidurh · CEO Crowdcast
Thanks @jordansuccar! Glad you're a fan!
Matt Nish
Matt Nish@mattnish · Co-Founder @ Bonsai
Wow, this is so much better than all the other webinar tools out there! Really great design too.
steve sarner
steve sarner@stevesarner · Goodreads - an Amazon company
I found Crowdcast through a friend a couple months ago and was impressed - the new features and capabilities with their new product really set it apart from everything else out there. It's by far the best option available across the board IMHO.