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Hey, hunters! We are happy to announce the global launch of our crowd-forecasting app Cindicator! This app is the simplest way to test your trading or investing skills absolutely for free. Every day you receive 10-15 questions about stocks, futures or primary economic indicators. Here are some examples: Apple (AAPL) could generate $3 billion in revenue over the next 18 to 24 months from the Pokemon Go as Apple get a cut from sales of in-app purchases. Will Apple stock price exceed $103 till July 30? or Shares of Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) ended the week down 2% at $230.03 after the company posted a larger-than-anticipated loss and revenue that was below expectations for the 2016 second quarter. Will Tesla stock drop below $220 before August 18? You need to make a forecast about the probability of each event (from 0% to 100%). If you choose the probability from 51% to 100%, you predict this event to happen in future. And if the probability is from 49% to 0% - your prediction is that the event won’t happen. At the end of each month, we divide the cash prize fund among 2% of the most successful forecasters. 90 forecasters from all over the world have already received payments from us at the moment. You could also publicly prove your analytical skills and show that your forecasts are more accurate than those of your friends or professional analysts. Maybe our app would be your first step to your successful trading career. How knows? Let's disrupt Wall Street together!
Seems intresting. Besides questions about the shares prices, what do you ask about?
@kirill_nikolaev Hey, thanks for your question! Around 80% of the questions directly connected to the financial markets. But we offer users to make predictions about politics and sports events. For example, you can forecast the amount of the box offices for the movie premiers almost every week.
@mike_brusov Ok, got the example about box offices. But what about political events? Could you please share an example?
@kirill_nikolaev For example: Citigroup said that the election of Donald Trump as President could lead to chaos in markets and increased policy uncertainty that tip the world into recession. Will Clinton get an 11% advantage over Trump in any two-way nationwide opinion polls before September 5?
@kirill_nikolaev or this one: French finance minister Michel Sapin ruled out any deal with Google on back taxes and said more cases could follow after Google, and McDonald's were targeted by tax raids. Will French authorities target another company by June 14?
And how many users can win a money prize?
@medvednikov hey, thanks for your question! At the moment we share the money prize among first 2% of users of the rating. Each month the rating is being updated so that everyone has equal chances to win. For the first couple of months, we transferred payments to almost 90 users.
@mike_brusov what's the average prize size for the each predictor from that 2%?
@medvednikov We are going to increase the money prize each month (Including partners and B2B clients of our platform). At the moment you can reckon on 50$ per month in case of the good accuracy predictions!
@mike_brusov Sounds good. thanks
@mike_brusov Way to go! This has incredible potential. Right away, when I realized what type of data could be extracted by "gamifying" probability data with the help of a "human crowd" I thought, brilliant. My next thought was, they are going to use this data as a SaaS to investors! Confirmed! Smart way to source data and use it as a tool for investors. I also love that you are using the data for your own trades and posting the results on your blog. It is said that if you ask a few people how many M&Ms are in a jar that they will most likely be off, but if you ask 500 people and divide their answers to get an average, most times it will be very very close! Goes to show that humans have a collective intelligence when you have enough of them working together to form a prediction!
@bradyoriginal Hey Bradly, thanks for your message and thoughts! Our brains are also agitated emerging opportunities using this type of data!
How do people who are not professionals in markets and trading can give accurate forecasts?
@najib_muabbat Great question! The main thing is that each person has his own unique experience, different data range and knowledge. And if you create a decentralized system out of these people and motive them enough, you can receive a very valuable and accurate (especially in the series of experiments) weighted prediction and signal.
@mike_brusov Hmm, can I read something about this?
@najib_muabbat I recommended starting with this book by written by James Surowiecki