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A simple way to book appointments

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I have to say thanks first to Michael Sacca from The Rocketship Podcast for submitting CrowdClock. Super honored! Especially as a San Diego startup being on Producthunt. So, if anyone has questions please feel free to ask away. I am here to answer them :-) And a big thanks to Ryan Hoover for letting me introduce myself as well
Hi @yashara - one of my favorite apps (now in the app graveyard sponsored by RIM) was Tungle. How does your app compare?
Hi Derek. I loved Tungle as well. The most obvious difference is that we are not in the graveyard with them, unless we are Tungle come back to life like a zombie :-) But really though, the key difference is that our appointments between the consumer and business is truly instant whereas wit Tungle it was "request" based that the business had to approve based on suggestions. The appointments you make with a business go directly into the businesses' calendars (and like Tungle it syncs with Google Cal, and iCal - others coming soon). We also have a really cool feature called First Available. That feature (works best in areas where there are many businesses already signed up) allows a user to type in a keyword like "skin care" and it searches for any business with that keyword within a 10 mile radius and presents their times instead of forcing the users to go through each business. It's a perfect feature for the times we are in urgent need of a service. The other difference is our strategy. Our primary growth is coming from partnerships where we allow our API to be white labeled and become part of another portal's technology offering. I could probably continue filling this page with other key differentiators but I think the best way is to recommend you to try it out. You will probably be limited (if you are in the Bay Area) with finding businesses since we are in San Diego and just launched recently. But we are growing. You could however use it very well with making appointments with friends and family, and maybe even tell your favorite business to sign up with us. Which is free btw. Cheers!
Thanks, @yashara - I'll check it out!