Easily capture moments together.

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Hey Product Hunters, It's Illai from cRound here. cRound is a new technology and app that allows multiple smartphone users to create videos together. The producer of the video invites his or her friends to join a video shoot. Participants simply need to have the app installed. Each person holds his or her device in a different position or angle, and then on count the producer clicks the button to capture that moment on video in all the devices. Once recording is done, video clips from all devices are automatically sent to the producer's device and combined into a single video (like the one in the Matrix movie) that can be shared on any social network. Currently, you can shoot a video with up to 8 users, and we've included 3 editing effects in the app. We at cRound believe in social creation. We find it much more exciting to create videos together with our friends and family - this is why we created cRound.
Discovered this app recently. Really cool collaborative video creator tool. You can use it to make entirely new forms of content.
@guygal Thanks Guy for the hunt!