Tell a story in 3D pixel art

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I have several friends that like to make games using Twine. This looked like a great alternative, but it seems like these are single pieces? Any plans for expanding this to stories?
Thanks for the hint, Twine looks very interesting. We were thinking about introducing animations - and then you would be able to "watch" a yard just like an animgif. These interactive stories Twine enables also seem to be interesting. The game extension I mentioned previously will also enable some interactivity, but in a different way. You will be able to place objects on the scene with different parameters and the user will be able to interact with those in the game. An example: you can place colored boxes on the yard that can be hit by a stunts car in-game (
). A more Twine-like example would be to place a character on the scene which - when clicked by the user during the game - would display a clickable dialog-bubble with a text. The text shown could be different each time based on the state of the game or based on which items the user has previously clicked.
The point is that each game object is defined by the developer of a given game and it is possible to add unique properties to these objects, which can be customized by the user building yards. A group of yards form a game level (a range).
Hey guys, thanks for the hunt! :) We have started Crossyards as a hobby project a while ago and we are trying to build a community of creative people. I am really amazed by the number of new yards created just today. I urge you to check back frequently, they are quite epic :) Recently we have been working on an extension that enables users to create game worlds and play games on their own yards, we will release that soon. Check our twitter account (@Crossyards) and our Facebook page for screenshots and updates. We are happy to be here and answer your questions! Any feedback is also appreciated!
@levidobson This looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to trying it out. Aside from being a way to be creative it looks like it could be used as a unique way to display a use-case for different product scenarios.
@elilaipson Thank you, try it and let us know what you think :) What do you mean by "different product scenarios"?
@levidobson I'm talking about helping communicate these types of things: and - helping companies visualize the user scenario they're looking to solve - or explain how the company has created an entirely new (faster/easier/more efficient) scenario that solves a problem. Maybe it's not the right medium but I really like the idea of using these little squares with people or offices or whatever to show a problem or process. It's like a little diorama that makes you want to look in and inspect what's going on. More approachable than one of those flat boring flow diagrams.
@elilaipson I see. Yeah, isometric perspective can add some extra sugar to boring diagrams. This technology enables quite a lot different useful apps/services, however we wanted to stick with fun stuff, and not trying to pivot towards more enterprise directions.
Description from the site: Crossyards is a social website where you can share your thoughts by drawing them onto a rectangular area (yard) using a simple paint tool in your browser. The yards created by the users appear in the main page feeds, the most popular and most recent yards separately. You can also upvote/comment posts you like and follow other users to get notified of their recent creations. So it's just like 9GAG or Twitter except here every single post has a creative visual or artistic vibe and thus gives the readers a visually more interesting experience.
@dave_mb I like the GIF demo in the header, but it looks like a hustle to make a story. May be if you can add predefined elements like "bridge" and just move it around will be much easier. Have you thought about a sub-marketplace, so that designers can deliver such predefined elements or "groups of panels" :) ?
@ralev Thank you. This is actually one of the most requested features and also our top priority user story in our backlog. We want to leave the option of creating yards from scratch but we will implement some kind of a marketplace where you can upload/search sheets and objects to simply drop into your yard. This could speed up creation process as well as give designers a possibility to upload their own assets (and maybe even set prices for them? :)
Heheey, Hungarian hunts are always super exciting!