Crossy Road

It's endless Frogger, with a cute chicken

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This game has a lot of similarities to flappy bird but a lot less maddening frustration. It's simple, fun, and playable with just taps (a single tap jumps forward). Great for playing in a crowded subway full of people and oversized winter coats. The design is surprisingly well done, tons of fun animations and little details (like when your chicken hits the side of a car).
Thanks for posting! We had a lot of fun making this game :)
@jigxorandy it really is a blast Andy. Loved that when you get the wolf the game goes into "Night Mode" Really fun surprise, looking forward to discovering more.
@jigxorandy found out about this game today, LOVE IT
Downloaded this last night and have been playing it non-stop. Love the isometric style graphics and characters. Strategy that has been working for me is move as fast as you can. Also like that you can see how far your friends got, right there in the game. Keeps my chicken motivated.
Congratulations @jigxorandy, on winning the Apple Design Award. Added to my collection "Apple Design Award Winners "