Don’t chase after your friends’ pictures anymore

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A special thanks in the name of all android users for releasing an android version on launch, with the iOS one ;)
@oelmekki you also deserve some love ❤️ !
What's your take on Facebook Moments and Cluster?
@chrismessina Good question Chris. Regarding Moments, we do not use facial recognition to sort and share pictures, as it’s « forbidden » in Europe. Moreover, Facebook Moments is limited to Facebook users. We deeply think that an app, which tries to make sharing /collecting pictures frictionless, should not be limited to this « small » circle of people. As for now, Crossroad is in the exact same situation, we only allow Facebook login. We made this choice in order to focus our effort on other parts of the app, not because we forgot about the non-Facebook users. In the upcoming update we are going to open the app to anyone eager to gather pictures with friends or relatives. Regarding Cluster, we differ mainly on the UX. We think that Cluster and Crossroad do not address the same need. Cluster is more about sharing privately. At Crossroad, we try to make collecting pictures as frictionless as possible, with less bounds (once you join or create a Crossbook, Crossroad allows you to share 1, 10 or 100 pictures in just one click). Even if we both help our users to collect picture, I think we don’t talk to the same people. I’m sure the world of lonely photos is big enough. Last but not least, in Crossroad the syncing is done in background, which is very conveniant. It means than after validating the sharing of 10 or 100 pictures in one click, you can put your phone in your pocket during the uploading process, without consuming the battery more than that. And it’s the same for the downloading part.
Thanks for the hunt, Clément ! Dear Product Hunters, You are probably thinking « Oh, just another new PHOTO app, such news...» so let me show you why Crossroad is different and fills a need felt by so many people. Have you ever been to a party where your friends took awesome pictures you never ever saw again once back home ? Of course, your answer is yes… the same happens after any event (a wedding, a birthday, a trip, …). You NEVER get the pictures taken by your friends back after the event. With Crossroad, you won’t have to beg your friends for their pictures anymore because the gathering will automatically be done between all attendees.   Once you've joined or created a crossbook (common album) and invited a few friends in, you can just close the app and continue your journey. When you feel like it, just go back to the app and it will ask you to import the picture(s) taken since the last time you opened the app. Just deselect the embarrassing ones (but you may also keep them…) and press OK to send them to your fellows. It’s that simple. At first we thought that discussions and likes weren’t part of our core product, but thanks to our βtesteurs we changed our minds, so now you can continue the chitchat in the app. We know that today, if you want to share, let’s say 30 pictures from your smartphone with 15 friends, you can do it on any social networks… but we managed to make it right and easier for you. Please, try Crossroad and give us your feedbacks. If you have any question / comment, you know what to do :)
Pretty cool. Great to have it on Android too
I have friends with kids. And food blogs. And a combination of the wanderlust to visit the wild Kalahari desert with the tech savvy to somehow find internet. And upload piccies. I'd say thanks to Facebook/Instagram/Flickr (is that still a thing) I'm constantly seeing pictures from whoever cares to share. What does this add?
@trevorstricker Good question ! Crossroad is not about sharing content on social network. Crossroad is much more a way to gather the pictures your friends and you have taken during your fantastic trip (or during a family picnic with kids) in order to be sure you won’t come back home without getting all the pictures your group took (because even if they promise they will send you their pictures from their computers, in most cases they won’t ! Or you have conscientious friends :)) Crossroad helps groups to gather their pictures automatically and effortlessly. Then you can, if you want, share a web version of your common album to the people who stayed at home, which replaces for instance a travel blog (or a picasa/facebook album).