Crossfader 5.0

DJ together, live and remix everything

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Hey, we've been working on Crossfader for two years now, and finally have released version 5-- Crossfader LIVE-- which enables anybody to perform live for other music-lovers around the world. We're here to answer any questions!
I was immediately impressed with Crossfader when I played with it shortly after launch. It does a great job of making me feel like a DJ. LIVE seems to move Crossfader into a platform for legitimate performances, a tool for artists (as opposed to being more of a fun "toy"). What's your vision for it, @seth? P.S. check out this interview with @Jason and @seth on TWiST:
yup @rhhoover thats the idea, to enable anybody anywhere to pick up their iphone and start performing a live dj set for everybody around the world. the first two years we focused on usability of the dj tool -- easy to learn, hard to master -- and now that we have thousands of djs who have spent hundreds and in some cases thousands of hours practicing with the app, we are connecting them on a live platform. my favorite aspect of this release is that you can view the tracklist of any mix and start remixing it yourself. truly interactive music. like a global (electronic) drum circle. we are kicking off things with a 24-hour virtual festival this afternoon, with our north beach sf office as mission control. come by and check us out at 1011 kearny.
@seth congrats on the new update, I've used previous versions of the product so excited to try this out. One thing I was hoping for is the ability to mix YouTube, soundcloud, apple music other songs. My understanding is the licensing fee arrangements make it difficult to allow this, is it in your pipeline? Would be incredible to be able to mix from any cloud based music platform
@seth Hello! no android? I think this could be cool
@deambulando hi! thanks we would love to be on Android too but the device fragmentation and audio latency issues make Android an untenable platform for us to develop our app for right now. we carefully tune our software specifically for the device motion sensors embedded in the iPhone/iPod. here is some reading on the Android audio latency issue: