Crop it like it's hot! Vertical and square videos in a snap.

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Sjoerd Bleumink
@bonsjoerd · Founder/CEO crop.video
Hi Product Hunters, We’re thrilled to launch crop.video, the online tool that allows you to reframe landscape videos into vertical and square videos. Smart, fast and simple. Nowadays more and more videos are viewed on mobile screens, still most videos are shot and edited in landscape format. Leaving you staring at a tiny stamp on your shiny smartphone. Ref… See more
@shyjal · Maker of Things. Startup Enthusiast.
Thumbs up for the domain name 👍
yoav hornung
@yoavush · Co-founder & CEO, Veed.me. + Coverr.co
Hey guys, great work, just tried it out and it works great. Really considering to use (and pay) the unlimited version. Few questions though: 1. what's your standard vertical aspect ratio? does it fit FB/Snapchat/instagram etc.. in the same way? 2. will there (or is there) an option to put import a bulk of videos and then fine tune them if needed? happy to … See more
Tony DeFranco
@tony_defranco · FotoFreeze
Will this work for IG stories as well?
Blake Barber
@blake_barber40 · Copywriter
Nice tools! Very useful