Crop it like it's hot! Vertical and square videos in a snap. is the #1 crop tool for social media managers. Reframe landscape videos simple and fast to engaging square and vertical videos. Add subtitles, logo's and create impact!

"This tool is a real time-saver! There's no need to ask a professional video-editor to compose a square or vertical video anymore. Easy to use and super fast."

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Hi Product Hunters, We’re thrilled to launch, the online tool that allows you to reframe landscape videos into vertical and square videos. Smart, fast and simple. Nowadays more and more videos are viewed on mobile screens, still most videos are shot and edited in landscape format. Leaving you staring at a tiny stamp on your shiny smartphone. Reframing videos is a time-consuming business and as a professional video-editor, I wondered if technology couldn’t give us a hand. So we’ve created uses smart technology based on Open Computer Vision. A video is automatically split into shots after uploading and makes suggestions for cropping based on face and object recognition. You can easily trim videos and add a logo and subtitles as well. It's designed to help anyone, including people without video-editing experience. We’re extremely eager for your feedback, so check it out and let us know what you think! Upload your video now and crop it like it’s hot.
@bonsjoerd Beast product man - Well done
@bonsjoerd Great that you made something like this! I have an idea that is a little bit similar but for cutting videos. Would love to connect with you...
@efosaso Anytime! Send us an email, love to get in touch.
@bonsjoerd Great to see this here - are you planning to bring this out as a mobile app too? And what about slicing the videos so that they can be purposed such as slicing content for Instagram or Snapchat stories? Added you to my curations!
Thumbs up for the domain name 👍
@shyjal Thanks, It pretty much defines the essence:)
Will this work for IG stories as well?
@tony_defranco Yes, the majority of our users reframe their videos for IG stories or FB. For now you can download your HD video to your desktop, but we're exploring the opportunities for a direct link to the social media feeds. That would be a big plus don't you think?
Hey guys, great work, just tried it out and it works great. Really considering to use (and pay) the unlimited version. Few questions though: 1. what's your standard vertical aspect ratio? does it fit FB/Snapchat/instagram etc.. in the same way? 2. will there (or is there) an option to put import a bulk of videos and then fine tune them if needed? happy to connect
@yoavush Hi Yoav, thanks for your kind reply. The standard aspect ratio is 9:16 or 1:1. It is the same way FB, Snapchat and IG works, so it fits flawless. Good questions about the bulk import. You would like i.g to import 20 videos at the same time, but create various projects. We'll take a look at that! Thanks.
@bonsjoerd Not sure how you define a project but yeah - I'd like to import 20 videos, fine tune the vertical area in each and then download all videos. Happy to connect over email.
Nice tools! Very useful
@blake_barber40 Thanks Blake, happy to hear that!