Crooked Path

A beautiful hardcore puzzle runner

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Alexandre Vallières
Alexandre Vallières@vallieres · ½ of | Web Developer | Blogger
Looking great! :D Love the design! Can we have a bit of a backstory?
Joseph Mambwe
Joseph MambweMaker@mrmambwe · The Free Radical.
@vallieres Sure, Crooked Path is symbolic of a time in life when things don’t go as you expect them to. It can be said that our individual paths through life are not straight and clear but rather crooked, with many twists, turns and obstacles to overcome. So for me, having just experienced a time in my life where I had to face this fact of life, creating this game was a pure creative expression and it is imbued with a transformative message both to myself and the world: “The path to your destiny, will not always be a straight one” ...and just like life, the game isn't easy.
Markus Hemm
Markus Hemm@markushemm · CMO at Eageron®
I bought the game yesterday. The design is amazing. It got the Silver Surfer Flair. I don't know any other game that made me get killed so quickly but I couldn't stop. It is mega addicting. Congratulations on that one.
James Campbell
James Campbell@jcampbell_05 · Founder,
Great work man! Can't wait to see more, you inspire me!
Akram Hussein
Akram Hussein@ahussein
Just finished playing. Insanely addictive. Infuriatingly addictive actually.