Unified Calendar API for developers

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Hi, I'm Garry Shutler, Cronofy's CTO. We built Cronofy as we see calendars as an untapped channel between people and the applications and services they use. The reason it is untapped is that all the major calendar providers need to be integrated separately which is costly. We've done all that work. That means developers can integrate once with us and we handle the differences between the providers for them. Give me a shout if you have any questions!
@gshutler Thank goodness for this! I have yet to find a great calendar app that works on a Mac that integrates with Google and Outlook. Please someone use this api to build a great Mac calendar app. Sunrise is close, but they would benefit from your API.
Where were you 3 months ago?! I'm very interested in looking at this for hosted Exchange calendar synchronisation.
@stinhambo :) we were here, just making sure it was rock solid. The service is free up to 20 end user accounts so please try it out and let me know how it works for you
@adambird We're working on implementation already :P Perhaps out of scope but do you have any plans to also pull through contacts/avatars as well?
@stinhambo splendid to hear. Contacts/avatars not on the roadmap currently but will certainly keep it in mind and see what kind of demand there is. Thanks. Do drop us a line with your experiences of integrating. As I'm sure you can imagine we're hungry for all information about experiences with our API.
Thanks @anujadhiya, nice collection