Mobile notifications, now on your browser

Crono is an Android app + Chrome extension thats keeps you in sync with all your notifications and upcoming events.

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9 Reviews5.0/5

This is the best tool to get your Android mobile on your desktop!


Nothing like this out there in the market. Frees me from my handset


Can't think of any

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I have been using this product in beta for sometime now. I can't stress enough on how useful this is! It basically maps your Android mobile notifications on your browser. Not just that, it supports most of the interactions you can do on your mobile as well!! Amazing tool.
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I love this product. Great job!
Neat and useful for staying focused. Just a few quick questions, 1. Does it currently supports multiple devices? Like, Can I sync my tab, my phone, etc too? 2. What about the privacy of data? Are you storing it on your server?
@akanshgulati Thanks for trying Crono 1. Multiple devices support is in pipeline and will be released soon. 2. Your data is encrypted, and can only be decrypted by your browser or phone. And we wipe off the notification data as soon as it is removed from your phone.
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Ohhh gosh. I need this. Will a Firefox version be released?