Monitor cron jobs, micro-services and almost anything else.

Would you recommend Cronitor to a friend?


Joyjeet Sarkar
@joy014 · CTO, Mindscroll Learning Platform
Having been using Cronitor since last 6 months. Coupling with good queuing system, none of my server jobs have gone unprocessed. Also there is a feature in which you can set alert if your jobs execute for more than n seconds (helps detecting heavy/slow/hung jobs). Thats super helpful.
Gijo Varghese
Interesting one! So far I've been writing logs and looking at it to know whether a cron job has failed. This one is very useful. Will implement it my server soon.
Alec Joness
Definitely a great product, I can see using this to cut down on my cron job times.
Trevin Chow
@trevin · VP of Product @ Axon
Neat product for businesses and teams, can see the value. Surprised they decided to monetize individuals though, I expected it to be free (and definitely not $24/month)
Michael Bianco
@mike_bianco · Founder, SuiteSync
Great idea! Reminds me of https://www.producthunt.com/post...