Painless cron monitoring in a simple dashboard

Cronhub helps you to easily monitor all your cron jobs in a beautiful dashboard. It alerts you when your cron job doesn't run on time or it fails so you can sleep tight.

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Hey Product Hunt!!! I'm so excited to launch my first every SaaS product today! In the past, I have created other side-projects such as @booknshelf. Today I'm trying something completely new 🙈. ➡️ Cronhub is a simple cron monitoring service. It monitors all your cron jobs and alerts you if any of them don't run on time or if they fail. You can get alerts via Email, Slack (free plan) or SMS (paid plan). Other integrations will be coming soon in next weeks. This is only the initial version so I'm pumped to keep iterating on Cronhub making it better day by day. For that I'd love your feedback :) You can get started with Cronhub for free and create 2 monitors with the free plan. The paid "Developer" plan is only $7 per month and I have a special 20% discount for you if you use coupon "producthunt".
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This looks very interesting and useful. While there are loads of services out there to monitor uptime of webpages, it's a little trickier to do so with backend cronjobs. I've always ended up either just not monitoring them (always bad), or monitoring them via a proxy like "is the data the cronjob is updating actually updating" which is more prone to issues. Great job @tiggreen!
@jwomers Thank you so much, Justin! I agree with you that monitoring backend cronjobs is always tricky. With Cronhub I want to simplify that process. Even at Buffer most often we will look at the data to see if it's updated and it will give us a sense whether the cron job actually ran or not.
There's so much to like about this product! It's a simple idea, but so well executed! Great app, and fantastic UI design. Super impressive. Way to go Tigran! Since I like to ask questions. What are the next steps or features you want to add to Cronhub?
@hamstu Hi Hamish! :) Thanks for the feedback. It really means a lot to me. The top priorities are adding a weekly report, team support and more integrations. I'd say these are the next coming features. I know Cronhub will be very useful to teams as well so I can't wait to get it done soon! :)
Way to go @tiggreen! Stellar app, this has been a pain-point for a long time!
@sromana14 Thanks, Sromana! :)
Hey, can you tell me what is the difference between your product and Dead Man's Snitch?
@deep Sure, I think they are quite similar. I'll be focusing Cronhub primarily on monitoring and managing cronjobs. Kind of to be a hub of your cronjobs where you can create, edit and monitor them. :)
@tiggreen Thanks. Will try the product in future for sure.