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As a team which already works on an agile software (scrum), what are the reasons to switch to Crocagile?
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@_entropea Hi Agathe! The most important reason I can give you is that we (team Croc) base nearly every decision we make from customer feedback. That means your voice will always be heard, and you'll always have a direct line to our team over Live Support. In terms of Scrum itself, we give you the tools you'll need to customize your own workflow. You can create sprint plans, add custom fields to cards (like story points, time estimations, or tee-shirt sizes), and you can track all of it using the built-in calendar on your dashboard. We also let you assign teams to cards, because individuals in scrum teams rarely ever work alone. Taking it one step further, our system will never force you into a standard scrum workflow. The *second* you feel like a part of your scrum process is no longer the *best* process, you can ditch it and try something new. Quite a few of our customers who started off with Scrum have now moved on to Kanban, and vice versa. Having Scrum Tools, Kanban, and Story Mapping seamlessly integrated into one screen gives you the freedom to experiment (and learn)! We're always around to chat over Live Support, so definitely drop us a line with some feedback if you decide to give us a try!
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Highly recommend Crocagile.


Crocagile is very user friendly, and allows great collaboration among our team. The team at crocagile listens to its customers.


NA at this time

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It's been great having BIZ with us!
Hi Hunters! We made Crocagile as a way to help agile teams escape from inflexible and difficult-to-master software. Since we believe in people over processes, our system is designed to give you maximum flexibility, so you and your team can change things up whenever you see fit. That's why sprints and story points are optional, because we understand that not every agile team is a scrum team. Drop us a line over Live Support and let us know how we're doing. We want to hear how our software can make your professional lives better. Our customers know that we are hyper-responsive, so come join us and be a part of system that's truly agile.
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Great product. Clean UI. Intuitive design.


Ease of Use


None so far

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Super great product. I've been following the progress for a while now and it's incredible to see how far it's come! The price is super affordable and the UI is next generation
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@shamoons Thanks Shamoon, your support means the world to us!