CRO Tactics

Bite-sized, weekly conversion tactics to grow your business.

CRO Tactics πŸš€ is a once-weekly, bite-sized email containing powerful marketing tips and tactics for growing your business. Get a/b test ideas, copywriting tweaks, and emotional marketing tricks for increasing conversions, delivered straight to your inbox.
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Hey there, fellow makers! πŸ‘‹ I'm Josh, a Conversion Optimization Strategist by day and an enthusiastic maker by night. I began my career as a Front-End Web Developer in the digital marketing space. Over time, I developed a deep fascination for the psychology of persuasion, influence and customer purchase behaviors. Eventually, this led me to a career in conversion optimization, which I've been heavily involved in for the last five years. Today, I spend my days helping businesses enhance their customer experiences through strategic a/b testing, personalization, user experience design and conversion-focused copywriting. I decided to create the CRO Tactics newsletter as a result of this passion I have for helping businesses grow with the traffic they already have. Ultimately, my hope is that I can share my knowledge and the learnings I've accumulated over the years to help founders and established businesses thrive through conversion optimization and data-driven experimentation.
Looking forward to it!
Glad to hear that, @jocelyn_lecamus. The first issue will be out on Monday, April 20th!