CRO: How to win

"The most extensive report on CRO tools ever"

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congrats on the launch @therealsjr ! What are some findings we'd learn in the book that would surprise us? and if you don't know, Stewart throws one of the best PH meetups worldwide, in London.
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik! Biggest surprise? There are a few, but I think the return on investment stats stand out. Of the 36 conversion optimization tools and companies I studied, only two failed to generate substantial return on investment. And of the 2,938 marketers I surveyed, only five percent did not generate ROI. In fact, the average ROI was 223.7%! CRO is really interesting because it is effectively the business of creating big returns for free* - you're optimizing the traffic and audience you already have, rather than paying to increase traffic and stick with the same conversion rates. *By 'free', I mean 'cheap'. :) P.S. Thanks for the hat tip on the PH London Meet-ups. Enjoy hosting them, and we'll be doing them in London throughout the year.
More info on (and from) the report:
Fantastic report. The quality of affordable business advice out of VB keeps getting better and better. Proud to be supporting them and our report will be out soon, too!
@douglaskarr Thanks so much Douglas - really appreciate your kind words. Looking forward to your article on the report too.
Been looking forward to this!
@amyvernon Thanks Amy! Hope it meets your expectations. A real labor of love for me, this one...
Curious why isn't in this report. As the only freemium landing page platform we have over 100,000 monthly active users and 5,000 customers.
@tysonquick Hi Tyson. We'll be including Instapage in a future report for sure. We did bring it up it as one of the solutions our respondents mentioned (and linked to the site), but didn't have time to do a full profile this time around.