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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2019

Your extended team for professional feedback on your products. We check your product for potential issues in many areas (like design, messaging, seo, customer journey, etc) and give you proper, direct, professional feedback on how to make it better and how to communicate a bit clearer with your customer and how to effectively use CTAs to sell more.

  • Drilon Jaha
    Drilon JahaProduct Manager

    1) A professional alternative eyes and ears to your project.

    2) Genuine human feedback

    3) Easy to use


    Non that i can call as a con.

    Everyone is amazed by their startup idea but we usually get a very bias opinion about our products, weather it is from us as founders, friends and family or users. Critogo is an objective measurement towards every part of the product.

    I want to ask the makers are they looking to automise it or they want to have limited users throughout the journey? I would go with the latter.

    Drilon Jaha has used this product for one month.
  • Edmond Laja
    Edmond LajaSoftware Developer, cofounder of edgex

    1) Every product out there needs professional feedback

    2) Very easy to use


    Don't think that there is any cons

    Great Idea, I believe that everyone needs a professional feedback for their product and it is a relief for tech entrepreneurs knowing that there are some professionals who are ready to give real advices and feedbacks.

    I would ask the same question as Drilon, are the makers thinking to automise it?

    Edmond Laja has used this product for one month.
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Igor@cke · Design
Where can I see an example report?
Mentor Reka
Mentor Reka@mentorreka · Entrepreneur & Software Developer
Beautiful. Simple. Useful. What else ?
Betim Drenica
Betim DrenicaMaker@betimdrenica · BetimDrenica
@mentorreka Thanks a lot. I'm expecting your web submission as well.
Mentor Reka
Mentor Reka@mentorreka · Entrepreneur & Software Developer
Florent Sllamniku
Florent Sllamniku@florent_sllamniku
When you improve your effectiveness on website, you create leads! this is how I can see it :) Great work @betimdrenica and team!
Manish B
Manish B@iamnotmanish · Strategy and Growth Partner for Startups
Great idea and clean interface to understand. How do you scale? How many clients can you really service with internal team at any given point of time. Are you open to partners? Do you just check but also have an option to remediate some of our review comments?
Betim Drenica
Betim DrenicaMaker@betimdrenica · BetimDrenica
@iamnotmanish right now we have ability to keep up with up to 5000 products. Above that number we'll up number of staff working on the product.
Fatmir Hyseni
Fatmir Hyseni@fatmiruk · CMO & Chartered Marketer
A platform that every digital marketer wish they had in their digital arsenal! @betimdrenica Keep it up!