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I have been using Criticue for a while. I get to receive great feedback on how my website looks, whether a newcomer gets its purpose and what can be improved. For each feedback you provide for another design, you get a feedback for yours.
Nice find, @gozdeaksay. I just submitted a screenshot of Product Hunt. I'll report back with the results. :)
Interesting hook to get people to generate as much content as they consume. I know @themadray has a bunch of knowledge about this sort of thing. was a similar platform, with the added benefit of being able to see the work of the people critiquing you. The first thought I had was that this was similar to OKCupid's photo rating system, which I found to be incredibly fun.
This is an invaluable resource to me when testing product messaging/design. It's a really quick way to iterate and find out if people understand what your product does. The cool thing is, if the users on Criticue don't get it it's highly likely that you have some big flaws in your messaging. I've paired this with both live usability testing to find that if it passes on Criticue, it is very likely to pass during a live usability test
This is great. I've been looking for something to use in our testing process before we get to user testing (generally use I often want quick feedback on mockups before it gets that far. Going to check this out this week.