In-app feedback and bug reporting


Critic is an in-app feedback and bug reporting tool that helps you increase user retention. In-app feedback reduces the likelihood of users posting negative reviews in the App Store, and a solid response to user feedback can turn unhappy people into happy promoters.

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Jonathan Wiley
  • Pros: 

    Really simple integration and web portal



    I integrated this into my client's application when it was still in beta. Even in beta I was happy with it, and now it is far more robust.

    It has allowed us to track down edge case bugs with nearly no back-and-forth communication with the client.

    Most importantly, it has let us reach a level of proactive development for our clients' live applications that gives them the peace of mind that their applications are monitored and being fixed without needed to request it.

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  • Jonathan Wiley
    Jonathan WileyFounder, Lead Developer @ LunarLincoln

    Easy integration, great interface


    None as of yet

    Great way for our clients to gather feedback on their apps in beta and production!

    Jonathan Wiley has used this product for one month.