Machine Learning Time Card

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Would be cool to get @kudwitt in here to take some questions. On the surface has similarities to Rescue Time.
Unlike every other time tracking system, Crisply computes timesheets algorithmically. Unlike productivity apps that count things you do, Crisply quantifies the things you do against categories of work (Projects) you care about. If you care about improving your work performance or the performance of your team, I highly recommend Crisply. But heh, I'm the CEO and that is what I'm supposed to say. P.S. Many of our users call what Crisply does "magic". There are 4 PhD's on our team, so I call it magic too :)
I need to brush up on my CEO skills because I forgot to mention that Crisply is FREE for 1 user (free as in the whole shebang, except for the large enterprise features). It takes about 5 minutes to get up and running and you can signup here: Questions, feedback, suggestions --> @askCrisply
@kudwitt How are companies using the data that you are finding to help their businesses?
@BlendahTom There are many use cases across Sales, Customer Service, Product Development, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Business Process Optimization and Personal Productivity. The expression that you cannot improve things that cannot be measured is true. Until now, the only way to measure effort against all the things you do has been manually in a timesheet. Only professional services people use timesheets because that is how they get paid. Everyone else operates in the dark about where time goes. Crisply answers the question about where your time goes - automatically. If you are a high performance profession or if you want to improve the performance of your team and business, Crisply is revolutionary. If you or anyone in the ProductHuntosphere wish to drill down, please ping me @kudwitt. Thx!