Crisp Knowledge

A Knowledge Base to help your users at scale

Crisp Knowledge is a dedicated website allowing your team creating articles to help your users.

It lets your users solve their issues on their own!

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13 Reviews5.0/5
We just released today our new feature called Crisp Knowledge letting you help users at scale using an help-site. In the same time, we are releasing several new features: - LiveTranslate, a new feature allowing you to translate messages in live! You write in English and it’s automatically translated into your visitor language - Routing/Assign features letting you route messages across agents using round-robin. It lets agents having a dedicated inbox to be inbox 0 at the end of their day. - Zapier, Segment.IO and Mailchimp plugins are now available - It’s now possible to edit messages from Crisp Apps - It’s now possible to click on your user’s webpage using MagicBrowse/LiveAssist - We released brand-new redesigned apps, compatible with the new Crisp features. Update it on your iPhone or your Android Phone! - Crisp Dashboard is x2 faster
Great product and great team !
Awesome product!
Great job, I love the product! Can't wait to try these new features! ;)
@nico_lrx Thanks Nicolas! There is a 14 days free trial without credit card (it's new)
Awesome update to an already awesome product. Keep rocking guys!
@jice_lavocat Thank you Don't hesitate if you need yo setup the new features!