Criquet Shirts

Shirts for the 19th hole that stay sharp

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I'm curious about the collars that are supposed to avoid "bacon neck" even after many wears. I know after doing the family laundry that most shirts just don't hold up to the agitation of wash. But Criquet shirt collars are supposed to stay crisp. When will you have a ladies line?
Love Criquet shirts! It was really frustrating me that every time I bought a polo, the collar would crinkle after the first wash and start to fray around the edges in a short amount of time. I own several Criquet shirts and they are in the same great shape after several washes as when I first bought them. The slim-fits are especially sharp. The secret sauce are collar stays built into the polo's collar.
When did it become normal to charge $75 for a simple polo? Online menswear brands have completely lost their markup minds.
Love these! I'm actually wearing one now. Soft, comfy, and they fit well. The first time I wore it, my wife complimented me on my polo for the first time in a long time!
What's the big draw with this brand vs the many others out there?
@bentossell Made from sustainable cricket fibres.
@bentossell The comfort is unique because the polos are soft but don't dry out the way a lot of organic cotton shirts do. The collars never crinkle and don't fray, so the shirts don't lose their style appeal after a wash or two. I own a couple short sleeve and a couple long-sleeve Players Shirts and love 'em. Had a lot of frustration with golf polos up to now.