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Very excited to have my first product on Product Hunt! @larcus94 and I are proud to finally launch Crimson Keyboard. If you have questions, concerns or feedback; ask away!
@Dexwell_ @larcus94 Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it but couldn't find it in the Canadian App Store. Any plans to make it available here?
@cherif @Dexwell_ @larcus94 If you click the direct link on site, it works.
@syropian @cherif @larcus94 Indeed, the direct link should work! The App Store indexing is a bit slow. Here's the link for your convenience: https://itunes.apple.com/app/cri...
Anyone tried this out yet? How well does it work? From the demo on the website, it's hard for me to tell what "swipe on a key" would mean - and given the size of the touch target, seems like something that would be hard to do accurately.
@kaz Hi Adam, we spent a good deal of time on refining the swipe gesture and we think we nailed it. It doesn't need to be very precise; the touch target is bigger than the actual key.
it s a very interesting approach. a few of the ideas i see in this keyboard would have been part of the keyboard i would create if i created a keyboard. did not get how to switch language though. the tutorial was not clear enough. missing a feature to remove a word just added (in a swipe down for example)
@OurielOhayon Hi Ouriel. If you have multiple dictionaries installed, Crimson will switch automatically when it detects you've started writing in another language! Learned words can be removed in the Crimson app, in the Personal Dictionary screen. Just swipe a word left to reveal the native delete ("Forget") option, or use the Edit button.