Criminal Podcast

Real stories behind unbelievable crimes

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Listened to episode one and I'm sold. I love the resurgence of podcasts over the last few months. If the quality of podcasts continue to improve to the standards of Serial, we might be looking at a world where a service like Netflix but for podcasts could exist and thrive.
@thecoolestcool I feel the same! And the great thing about podcasts: you can listen to them while driving :)
@thecoolestcool "like Netflix but for podcasts" Does Stitcher fit that bill? I'm not the biggest fan of it but it is sort of recommendations-driven.
@hupfen To some extent. I think the difference is in (1) quality curation and (2) the business model. Netflix syndicates shows from the past but is now in the content creation business. I think Serial has shown that these things can be produced to a high level and attract the masses.. Like @samuelbeek said, perfect for something to keep us entertained on the road...
Very cool, my girlfriend loves this podcast (also started listening to it after finishing Serial)
Criminal is a podcast about crime. Not so much the “if it bleeds, it leads,” kind of crime but something a little more complex. Everyone that has been listening to Serial should give this a try. Criminal has a 4,5 star rating in iTunes.
I haven't even watched Serial yet! I wonder what the fuss is all about... because when I asked the same question about Game of Thrones, I was pleasantly surprised. Conclusion? It's time to give it a try. P.S. I might even start with Criminal, it looks delicious.
@v4violetta Serial is a podcast. Not much to see there. It's a very engaging and compelling story. 🙈 Not sure if I like how Serial ended though.
@emieljanson Now you made me really curious. No spoilers!
I was looking to something to fill the hole after Serial ended. TNX