I am friends with two people who are working/have worked as delivery captains and/or crew. Here's the reality: You have no time for niceties. You go on board with your sleeping bag and a change of clothes. The entire crew uses one bathroom, one stove burner, as little of anything as is humanly possible. 90% of new boats are bubble wrapped on the interior during delivery. You push through weather that you wouldn't think of pushing through were you on your own boat and on your own schedule. Once you arrive, everybody hops off and leaves as soon as possible for the next gig, time is money after all. There's very, very little romance in crewing other people's boats for money. The best way to have a good experience is to know owners personally, then help as a friend.
@andreasduess I've heard the same. You definitely visit exotic amazing places, but don't get to experience them as much as you'd like. But if this is the work you want, the app seems like a great way to get connected.
Thanks for featuring us @kristofertm! Hi everyone, thanks so much for your interest in Crew Compass on PH! Happy to answer any questions and clarify what kinds of yacht jobs you can expect to find with Crew Compass. Crew Compass comes in 2 flavors, Crew Compass JOBS (for professional yacht crew looking to get hired on luxury mega yachts) and Crew Compass HIRE (for yacht crew management and yacht captains to find crew). We aim to connect skilled yacht crew with high-end private/charter yachts looking to hire. Our key sector is staffing luxury motor yachts (100-200ft), with some sailing yachts in the mix. This is not to be confused with cruise ship jobs or simply finding inexperienced crew/volunteers for yacht deliveries. The type of yacht crew we service are trained in providing 5-star service for private and charter motor yachts for billionaires and might need a specific set of skillsets - everything from wine and cigar knowledge, proper storage and serving of caviar, culinary trained yacht chefs familiar with molecular gastronomy, dive instructors, yoga and massage therapists, to helicopter pilots. Although @andreasduess is not wrong in stating that some parts of working on yachts are not glamorous (long hours and rough seas), I believe what he’s referring to is a small percentage of boating jobs vs luxury yacht jobs. As someone who has actually worked on luxury mega yachts for a few years, safety at sea is important, and the majority of yacht jobs listed on Crew Compass are geared towards hospitality and client-facing jobs vs behind the scenes delivery crew. In addition, the level of training required to get luxury yacht jobs vs delivery jobs is a lot more robust and a level of professionalism is expected for mega yachts catering to the 1%. Crew Compass lists freelance, seasonal and full-time opportunities for experienced mega yacht crew and is a resource for anyone looking to start a career in this niche industry. Check out our blog for more information on the types of positions on board mega yachts, crew life, salary, and how to get started in the industry> Thanks for your time! Hana
This looks so cool! I'd love to see if there's opportunities for videos on these crews, especially for trip documentation!