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Hi Product Hunt. Long time lurker and first time maker here. @andrewjaustin has been Sublime Texting hard to render code that look like our Sketch mockups. Big props. Today, we’ve launched Crew 2.0 aka Dream Crew and I’m super happy (given it’s the first project we launch that I’ve personally worked on since joining Crew under a year ago). There are still a ton of things to iterate on/scrap/re-do… but for today, this is good (and it works!). See you soon.
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There's a gradual progression towards more project-based team structures, freelancers, etc., inspiring (beautifully designed) apps/websites to connect projects & designers/developers, but hardly any of these include writers for some reason. Copy is a pretty important aspect of design/UI, yet copywriters are usually left to lower-tier resources (helllooo, $5 blog posts). Do you plan on expanding your definition of "creative work"?
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@krisryanwhite hey Kris! Yes 100% agree. Writing is so important yet it's often an afterthought. Coincidently, I just wrote about this topic: "Authenticity vs. Beauty: Why you don't need design like Apple" http://crew.cm/1rx3psp We expect to offer writing and other types of creative services in the near future.
Thereš just one thing i don't understand behind all these "so called" future of hiring cause it seems to be like odesk but personalised right ? What difference does it make ? because its hella expensive ?
@uxdzen sometimes quality > quantity They are just more hands on and focus on top of the funnel vs Upwork(Odesk) that focuses on startups and smaller companies. I can't really tell any other difference, aside form the connivence of having a "project manager"
@uxdzen Hey thanks for the comment Hassan! Yes, personalization is one thing. The other big things are: 1. The quality of the curation we do upfront for both projects and members. We turn away about 70% of projects and we accept about 1% of professionals that apply based a variety of variables like responsiveness, etc.. 2. Real-time budget estimators based on data from 20,000+ projects so you know how much something costs upfront. 3. (Almost) automated project management. In Crew, your guided through from idea to completion with a mix of 'smart' messages that tell you what's next every step of the way based on your project. Because our product is not as smart as we'd like it to be yet, you also have constant access to your Happiness Concierge. And in case anything happens, we also offer Project Protection: https://crew.co/project-protection The main thing is does this all add up to good results in the end? As you mentioned, there are sites that claim to help you find a talented designer or developer or freelancer. And produce good results in the end. But we don't know if all deliver on that promise. What we do know is from the thousands of projects completed on Crew, our average customer review is 91% positive. Products made on Crew have been featured 100+ times in the App Store, have been the #1 trending search in the App Store (http://backstage.crew.co/compani...), have gone on to raise $20 million+ in funding, and featured on stage at an Apple Keynote event (http://backstage.crew.co/crew-ap...). To me this is the big difference. Can you design a full system that consistently results in high quality work that people are happy about. Thanks again for checking it out Hassan :)
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Congrats on the launch! @mikaelcho, I had a few questions about Crew: 1. How much on average Crew members make per year? 2. Do people usually work full-time or part-time?
@uvarovdd @mikaelcho Interested in those questions as well. I'll add a third: Is client/freelancer communication mostly done via the crew app (which is now chat, I assume). Or do clients still mostly expect to skype/voice call to have meetings etc.
@uvarovdd hey Ivan! Thanks for the questions. 1) Avg. amount Crew members make is $18k/yr. 2) about 40% of our members use Crew as their sole/primary source of work. 15% of our members earn $50k+ through us. We work with each accepted member to try and give them the desired amount of work they want. This is why membership is invite-only so we can ensure there's a consistent level of work for all members.
I'm (was) a freelance Developper & Designer, and this turns me on.