Fully automated indoor garden for microgreens

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Ewout GoldbergMaker@ewout_goldberg
More information about the CressToday from Grown: CressToday is the newest indoor garden system available on the market. With CressToday you can grow your own cress, up to ten different varieties at the same time. The mini-herbs are ready to harvest within a few days, so you can enjoy these seasonings on a daily base! CressToday provides the right growing conditions so you grow your own cress at home in a jiffy. CressToday is provided with a special LED grow light. A kind of filtered sunlight because we only use the colors that are required for the plants to grow. Cress can get the most energy out of red and blue light. Through the use of LEDs, CressToday consumes only 11 Watts. This is less than the average house lamp. The lighting is switched on and off automatically with a digital timer. With the special LED light of CressToday you can grow fresh and healthy cress year round, also during the dark winter days! Water is an important part during the growing process of plants and therefore also of cress. Too little water will dry out the cress, but too much water isn’t good either. CressToday makes it easy for you thanks to the innovative automatic water supply. A handy removable water reservoir ensures a constant layer of water under the cultivation trays. The special water wicks provide the cress day and night with enough water, so your herbs never dry out! more information can be found on
Jeroen Visser@jeroenvisser101 · CTO at Novistore
Does it work with an app? Does it let you know when the water is low?
Ewout GoldbergMaker@ewout_goldberg
@jeroenvisser101 It doesn't work with an app yet but let me ask you this, what information would you like to receive over the app and we might start working on this. As for the water supply, your microgreens will get water from the horizontal water reservoir (cotton strings will suck up the water), if this one gets low it will be filled again automatically by the "vertical" water supply. This supply itself will hold water for over 4 weeks and can be taken out for refills.
Jeroen Visser@jeroenvisser101 · CTO at Novistore
@ewout_goldberg well, I love to see some statistics, maybe power consumption or how much water they drink, or a push notification when I should refill the water (maybe configure what kind of light it needs based on the plant?). I was just expecting when paying €199 to be able to connect to it via an app.