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Hi all! We are very excited to share our new DIY guide platform and marketplace with the product hunt community. Quick Intro: Creojam is a DIY guide platform and marketplace which connects makers and businesses that provide materials and tools. The purpose of the platform is to solve an issue that people have when they want to create something on their own - they have guides to do it online but they don’t know how to get the materials and tools they actually need. We solve this problem by creating a unified experience that includes a guide archive connected to the tools and materials makers need, thus allowing them to buy everything via trusted online stores. We also compensate guide publishers for purchases made via their guides. We have just launched and are looking to share our intial product with the world. Here are some intersting features: Guide view and browsing: One of the major usabiliy issues on guide platforms is the inconvient ways to navigate between guide steps, we've designed a better way to navigate between guide steps via a side toolbar allowing users to make quick jumps to the revelavnt content (kind of like a bookmark side menu) - also in edit mode. We also allow both video and step by step guides. Guide Creation and Edit: We provide a unique edit/create UX, proving complete wysiwyg like experience with a smooth transition between view and edit mode allowing makers to see exactly what their guide will look like while editing. Simple and clean checkout page. We would love to get your thoughts and feedback. Arkady
@arkady_fukzon How the concept works? Can I publish my DIY guide with my own parts ands sell it via your platform?
@ilya_libin You can publish your own guide, with a list of materials and tools needed to make it, when people enter your guide they can purchase them via quality stores we partnered with - you will receive compensation for each purchase. (you don't need to handle the sale or participate in the purchase process)
The heaven of makers!
Very cool, and much needed idea! Sometimes just hunting for the parts make you forget and lose the project you wanted to do. I think the site would benefit if you show the end result of every project (not just a shot of the making process). I don't want to scrub through the whole video just to discover the end result is not what I had in mind
@mmariansky Good idea, thanks - currently we're taking the youtube selected frame by default (the same one you see on the thumbnail inside youtube itself), it makes sense in some cases for the maker to select the frame by himself from the video - currently the maker has only the option to manually upload the cover photo or stay with the default.
Great idea! definitely going to use some of the guides :)
@urieli17 Thanks, we're currently looking for makers to post quality guides, I see you're into gadgets, maybe arduino related stuff? :)
@arkady_fukzon sadly, i have never build something with arduino :(
Thanks everybody! It's great hearing your feedback!