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Gulsher Singh
Gulsher Singh@singh_gulsher
Hello everyone, I am a part of the product team at CREO. The CREO Mark 1 aims to break the clutter of the smartphone industry with a unique offering that makes our top-of-the-line smartphone stay new, always, through regular updates on our own Android based OS. The premise of this promise is that smartphones tend to lag after a few months from purchase. This slow down can be attributed to the lack of updates sent out by the OEMs to their existing devices. We at CREO, promise to send out regular updates each month on the Mark 1. These updates will have powerful and functional features which improve the performance of the phone as well as give users the feeling of #ANewPhoneEveryMonth!
Rhys Camm
Rhys Camm@rhysjc · Junior Developer, Think Jam
I'm kinda confused by this. Is it a phone or is it an OS? How are we being given a new phone every month?
Amit Bhawani
Amit Bhawani@amitbhawani · Founder, Phone Radar
@rhysjc Its a New Phone launching soon with the brand's mission to offer a new experience every month in the form of software updates.
Calum Webb
Calum Webb@calum_webb
Hey Guys! I took a look at their website and it appears at though every month it's a new, improved OS. similar to how most Techy people refresh their phone every month to keep it working great, this does it automatically. Here's a quote they've got on their website: "CREO's ambitious goal is to release regular updates to its Android skin that are so unique, Mark 1 users will feel like they “get a new phone every month."" TechCrunch (Mar 2016)
Jason Beaton
Jason Beaton@jasonmarkbeaton · Web Technologies Manager, Retail Contr…
One thing I'd like to see on that site is an explanation of their product.
dennis charolle
dennis charolle@dennis_charolle · charolle law
as others commented, what the hell is it? the video is more confusing - a new system evolving from one that does not exist yet?