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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 29, 2019

Creo 2.0 is a next generation app design and development tool for macOS. This version introduces native Swift exporting and Flex layouts (via Facebook Yoga). We'll soon introduce third party plugins support and in Q3 2019 cross platform Android support (with Kotlin exporter).

Swift exporter showcase is available from:

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What are some of the big updates and what are the plans for this year? Exciting product!
@aaronoleary third party plugins and Android support (with Kotlin exporter) and one more thing that I cannot yet disclosure ;-)
Like this idea.. well done guys

MacOS only




MacOS only

is this like Supernova? and what's the main difference ?
@edisonjoao6871 Supernova is an excellent STATIC prototyping tool that lets you export UI objects. Creo can export UI objects, app logic (coming soon) and lets you build fully functional app executables ready to be submitted to the App Store (even without Xcode installed).
@edisonjoao6871 @sqlabs Marco (hi) is being a bit slanderous here. I am a very experienced developer including in code generation tools. I've been using Supernova for months now and they certainly export a lot MORE than just "UI objects". They export full, buildable apps for iOS, Android (choice of Kotlin or Java) and the cross-platform React Native with Flutter in early (usable) release. In particular, you don't need to use the export to see their code alongside the UI in the Codex viewer which has an amazing navigational highlighting scheme that frankly embarrasses XCode. I have found it particularly useful for looking at the consequences of visual editing of animations. I'm not sure where the emphasis on STATIC comes from as my experience with Supernova is anything but static, with the easy prototyping and codegen of animations at the micro-interaction level within screens as well as between them.
@edisonjoao6871 @sqlabs @andydentperth1 as an user of both I think I may help :) creo goes well beyond the prototyping and codegen, the export is not the main focus of creo (which has been just added); the focus of creo, or at least why I do use it, is in providing a tool to make apps from zero to submissions and not just prototypes; therefore the interactions I can make and the code I can write (with the creo language) cover all aspects of an app. For instance my app has a tableview connected to a dataset which is basically a store async populated via api or db selects and the table automatically refresh and populates its cell with the "rows".. this is very visual and I barely needed to write any glue code. So, to me, they have a very different focus and I would answer that they are not the same kind of tool.. but I like them both :)