Creo 1.0

The new way to build native mobile applications

Creo is the new way to build native mobile applications.

With an incredible technology and an intuitive interface, Creo helps you build fully featured native applications in a fraction of the time required by any other tool.

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Looks neat! Is there a way where we can see few apps built using Creo?
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Can we see a list of sample apps built using this?
Any plans to come to Windows?
I’m super excited to see this hit v1.0. I’ve been tracking and testing the betas for two years or so. If you look at the detail and execution this is very impressive. The team has build a lot from the ground up. Kudos for getting to v1.
Congrats guys. It looks like a great product. But why inventing a new programming language, Gravity? Isn't that going to make developers adoption more difficult and slower, with a steeper learning curve? What benefits are you gaining from it, and do these benefits justify what you lose by not using a more popular language like JavaScript or Swift?
@valatw that's a really good question and we'll better reply with a blog post that we'll publish in the upcoming days. Swift is not a user-friendly programming language (it is a powerful engineer oriented programming language) and JavaScript was not an option when we first started the project. We needed a programming language powerful enough (and light enough) to completely abstract the underline framework. We'll soon offer Swift, ObjC, Kotlin and other languages exporting capabilities directly from within Creo and I am sure that at that point our choice will be completely understood.
@valatw @sqlabs Seems like you guys made some big (and probably wrong assumptions) about Swift not beings 'user-friendly'. I was hooked, but I'm not buying into anything when I'm required to learn a new programming language again for a fancy transpiling program.
@bader_bouta hope to be able to change your decision once you'll see our execution :-)