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Slack-integrated coffee subscription for teams

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Hey Product Hunters! A year and a half ago launched a coffee marketplace to help individuals discover and subscribe to coffees from the best roasters in the U.S. Today, we're launching the world's first Slack-integrated coffee subscription for teams, and I'm super excited to share it with you. With the Crema Slackbot, your team can now: 1. Vote on which coffee to get next. 2. Rate each coffee after it's been delivered. 3. Get personalized recommendations based on your team's ratings. You can track the status of your coffee orders as they're shipped and delivered, and even control your subscription settings right in Slack. Each coffee is roasted-to-order by one of our 20 artisanal roaster partners and delivered direct to your office. Pricing is simple: 5lb for $100, and shipping is free within the U.S. Receive a new coffee shipment of 1-10 bags as often as every week or as infrequently as every month. We even make a $1 donation to Food4Farmers (our non-profit partner tackling food security in Nicaragua’s coffee-producing communities) for every 5lb bag you order. Give it try to by adding the Crema bot to your Slack team: My cofounder Emily and I will be on Product Hunt all day today, and want to chat with you. Ask us questions!
Awesome Tyler and Emily! I've been following since it's Kickstarter project, It's very good to see you guys growing :) Can't wait for Crema to ship to Brazil!!
@cassianomon Thanks for your support Cassiano!
@cassianomon Thank you for the support! That was a fun project; hard to believe a couple years have already passed.
@mcintyrewrites Yeah! Waiting for to ship to Brazil or make a branch here hehe.. Also thank you for the videos you send by email, they inspired me and my girlfriend to join a Barista class :)
This is brilliant! I've been using Crema for my home for well over a year and it never disappoints.
@shawnblanc Hey Shawn! thank you and we appreciate the support. *I've* been reading your blogs for a year or two now and they never disappoint.
Great idea! What locations are you going to cover?
@olivia_milton_ Thanks for asking. Right now we ship everywhere in the U.S.
@tylertate C'mon, Tyler. Canada is the promised land of coffee lovers. Make us happy!
@chrisbowler It's true – sorry Chris. We found shipping cross-border to be prohibitively expensive when dealing with 12oz sizes, but we should re-evaluate for 5lb shipments.
Congrats Tyler and Emily. Love! Villa Myriam Cauca Columbia Dark is my go-to coffee!
@gforguru Thanks Guru!
@tylertate @gforguru Ooh that's one of my favorites too! Thanks so much for showing up here today!